How To Do Efficient Candle Wax Reading

How To Do Efficient Candle Wax Reading

Candle Wax reading, popularly known as Cleromancy, is a very famous psychic technique that is widely used to know the paranormal phenomenon that is influencing the life cycle. In this technique, the burning flame of a candle acts as a source that predicts information about the events that will be going to take place in the near future.

In this technique, the flame acts as a source for psychic to collect information about the events of the future. It is believed that the various colors of the flame have different meaning and they can efficiently be interpreted into the information that can prove quite significant for an individual.

In this technique, it’s the combination of the three things i.e. flame, smoke & wax that provides information. Let us start with the flame. If the flame is burning steadily, this means that spirits are favoring and you will certainly ride on the tides of success. It the flame is burning in the zigzag manner then this can be interpreted as some kind of warfare is taking place between good & bad spirits. Your journey is not steady in the future course.

The smoke also has to say something. It also provides information about the events that will be going to take place in the future. It is believed that if the smoke moves towards you than your prayers will be answered positively while if the move away from you than you prayers remain unanswered. Some interpret that if flame moves to your left than the situation is not good for you & your prayers remain unanswered while if they move to your right than surely you will be getting success.

Wax patterns also influence your life cycle. The symbols or patterns of the wax provide information about the wishes & future pattern. If wax get spread in the shape of the flower than you are definitely riding high on luck. The shape of heart is the symbol of love. There are various other patterns that essentially offer information about the things that are taking place in your life. 

Psychic readers often use candle wax reading to bring happiness to the depressed & dejected hearts. They use their third vision to understand the paranormal behavior and use their instincts to bring back happiness, wealth, joy & love in the life of the depressed persons.

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