Pet Readings

Marina Dee is a well-known Psychic Reader based in Australia (Melbourne), who offers Pet Reading of your pets. She reads the mind and thought of your pet animal and helps it by healing trauma. She has the ability to know about the past life of your pets and what all they want too.

Australia's Famous Pet Reader


Communicate With Your Pet Through Psychic Medium

You may ask the question from your pet through her and contact their passed away animal friends. She helps you and your pets to understand each other deeply with her abilities and gifted power. Marina connects through spirits for giving insight to your pet and what it wants to tell you with a psychic medium reading.

Marina's Spiritual Abilities For Pet

Marina understands the soul energy of your pet and how they are feeling from inside. She has the ability to connect successfully with the animal. With the help of her spiritual energy, she understands your pet and can convey messages to you. Pet Psychic reading is done by her in person or by sending a photo of your pets name and date of birth via email.

Book Appointment for Coffee Cup ReadingPlease call/whatsapp +61421160346 or email to book a session in person.

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