CD - Guided Chakra Channeling Meditation

CD - Guided Chakra Channeling Meditation

I began my spiritual journey and connection with the spirits as a young child.

I was born in Europe and migrated to Australia when I was 2 years old. I first began to see spirits at the young age of 5 and did so, on and off, until I turned 12. It was at this time that I began to continuously see my guardian angel. It was also at this age that I felt the first waves of white light as it channelled over me. I didn’t understand until much later that it was this white light that enabled me to communicate with spirits so that they could protect me and communicate with me.

My father was a healer that used natural remedies and initially he was the only person that understood that I had a special gift. People did not understand that I could feel, sense, hear and visualise messages from the spirit world. They teased me and their lack of understanding led me to close up, to not openly engage in my gift and to not pass on messages I received.

Guided Chakra Channeling Meditation

Description : Guided Chakra Channeling Meditation

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CD - Guided Chakra Channeling Meditation

I visualised when and how my father would pass, 3 days prior to him leaving his earthly body. It was not until my father’s passing that I realised that my gift was not one to be locked away but rather one that needed to be embraced and shared with everyone. I promised to never again close myself from my gift and to never again refrain passing on the messages that the spirits wanted me to impart.

During my life journey, there was a time that I worked for a charity and with people with special needs. Whilst doing this work, an accident changed my life dramatically. Throughout my two year healing process, by channelling the white light through my chakras, I was able to be guided by my fathers’ spirit as he showed me how to heal my body, mind and spirit. It was during this period of time and focus that I also grew stronger and more confident with my gift. I realised that although I have never been taught to do readings or to channel the light to communicate with spirits, my growing strength and confidence with this gift was the path that I needed to follow.

I am now a mother of 2 beautiful boys who understand my gift and who also enjoy channelling and meditating with me.

I have also worked with many people, communicating messages they need to receive as well as teaching them how to meditate and receive messages by their own accord.

I also frequently travel to India and have worked extensively there, appearing in newspapers and other various media as well.

I am very thankful to everyone that has chosen to see me to receive their messages and guidance. Although I have taken different paths in my life, I have always continued to converse with the spirit world. I will always carry on communicating with our loved ones and continue passing on the messages that I am blessed to receive. I will continue to meditate and pass on the spiritual messages for all who are open and prepared to listen.

Thank you to all who support me and my gift, I am truly grateful and humbled.

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